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Speaking is more powerful than the voice and accents used in the delivery of the words. Speaking is passing a message and ensuring that the purpose of the message is understood.
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Structures, building a business, building a family or learning how to balance life. Let me know.

Speaking gives life…”and God said”


I'm Joycee

I am Joycee Awosika
A Daughter
A Wife
A Mother
An In-law
A believer
A serial entrepreneur
A structure guru
A wellness enthusiast
An Innovator
An Energy economist
And a whole lot more.

I have a wealth of knowledge and I believe SHARING is CARING.
They say experience is the best teacher, I agree but it is not restricted to your experience, sometimes learning from others makes the process faster.

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When I look back at my journey as a speaker, I realize a lot of people are looking for ways to make the most out of their lives each day. From my frequently most asked question, it is clear that a lot of people struggle with juggling different roles and that is why in present day it is very easy to sell the term ”Jack of all trade, Master of None” What if I tell you it is possible to be a master of more than 1 trade…well I’m telling you that it is POSSIBLE.

I would love to write about it all here, but lets be honest, reading it isn’t as practical as hearing it.

I’m a contact away…

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