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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you available to speak in other countries physically?

I am available for international speaking engagements and am open to traveling to other countries for events, conferences, or speaking engagements. To book me, the process typically includes:

Speaker Fee & Travel Expenses which can be discussed in detail.

Please reach out to discuss specific details, availability, and any other questions you may have regarding booking me as a speaker for your international event. I look forward to the opportunity to collaborate and share insights with your audience.

Are your teachings, trainings and topics limited?

No, my teachings, training, and topics are not limited. I offer a wide range of subjects and expertise that can be tailored to suit your specific needs and objectives. Whether you're interested in leadership, wellness, technology trends, personal development, or any other area, I can provide customized content and training to align with your goals. My niche is business structure however due to my many years of experience and training, I am able to train a wide range of topics. Please feel free to reach out, and we can discuss how I can best address your requirements.

How far in advance do I need to book you as a speaker?

It's advisable to book me as a speaker well in advance to secure your preferred date. My availability can vary depending on my schedule, so the earlier you reach out, the better chance we have of accommodating your event. We often advise a 3-month notice period, However, I understand that sometimes last-minute opportunities arise, and I will do my best to accommodate those as well. Please contact me with your event details, and we can discuss my availability and scheduling.

Are there certain materials that should be available for you to speak?

For a successful speaking engagement, it's helpful to have the following materials and resources available:

  1. Audiovisual Equipment: Ensure the event venue has the necessary audio and visual equipment, including microphones, projectors, and screens.
  2. Technical Support: Access to technical support in case of any issues during the presentation although I usually come with a staff
  3. Scheduling and Agenda: A clear schedule and agenda for the event to coordinate speaking times.
  4. Contact Person: A designated contact person who can assist with any event-related logistics and questions.

These materials and resources help ensure a seamless and engaging presentation. Please feel free to discuss any specific requirements or details related to your event

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